Ginger Jeans Pocket for Skinny Jeans view B

I am currently doing the Ginger Jeans for the first time.  I selected the Skinny Jeans view B.  But these pockets are different.

I kept trying to follow the instructions, which were good, but confusing to me.

I couldn’t really find anything that explained these pockets online.

To figure out how to put these pockets in, i had to let go of the instructions and pin together the final look to work backwards on how they should go togther.  Once I did that, it was so easy, although I learned a couple of things along the way.

  1.   First I attached the Pocket Stay (bottom) piece F1 to the Pocket Stay (top) piece F2, togther at the bottom by serging it (but you can sew as well).  I accidentally did the wrong sides together instead of the right sides, so make sure you do the right sides together.IMG_2326
  2.  Second, I had to piece together the pattern pieces to figure out how the pocket facing got attached to the pocket stay (bottom) piece only, make sure the top part is out of the way.  Then I put the pocket facing fabric onto the pocket and pinned it in place.


3.   I sewed the curve of the pocket facing (the jean piece) onto the pocket stay (bottom) piece #F1 (the pink fabric)  Then I basted the top of the pocket (jean) onto the stay (pink fabric) and basted the side of the jean onto the pink.  Again make sure the top facing is out of the way and not sewn with this jean pocket.


4.  Now it’s time for the Pocket Stay (top) piece #F2.  Move the Pocket Stay (bottom) that has the jean part attached to it out of the way.  Pin the Pocket Stay (top) to the curve part of the jean as shown below.


5.  Now you want to sew 5/8″ where the pins are.  You only want to sew the curved part as shown below and clipped the curved part.


6.  Now flip the Pocket Stay (top) over so that the jean part is shown and press.  I find that the clapper (piece of wood) really helps keep the press in.  Once you do this you want to do your top stitching on your pocket.


7.  Once you have your top stitching done, you want to bring up your Pocket Stay (bottom), that has the jean pocket on it.  If you did it right it should pop right into place.


8.  Now you want to pin it in place and baste it in place.


9.  Once done, it should look like this on the back and this on the front.

10.  You have now completed your pockets.

I hope this was helpful to you!!!!