Confessions of a Fabricholic

When do you realize that you have too much fabric?  When do you realize that this is where all your money has gone?  When do you realize that at your time allotment of sewing that it will take you 20 years to sew the fabric you have on hand?

But you want so much more!!!!!

My husband needs to get into my sewing space as we are getting our electrical re-wired in the house.  Since the fuse box is in my sewing room, I need to clean our my space to get the work done.

Therefore, I have had to move all my fabric off my 3 shelves.  I never knew I had that much fabric.

Now I cut swatches of each fabric that I buy and put how many yards, length and type. So it never seems like so much.  In fact I keep thinking I have no knits, but…….

here are my knits that I actually do have:


Wow  have plain and printed as shown below:


But that’s not it, i also have suiting pants:


And dressy fabric


Cotton and jeans, wool, jacket material


And so much more:


And so I have realized that I need to stop buying fabric.  I have so much that I need to focus on using up my stash.  I have made a goal that after Mother’s Day, lol, I will not buy anymore fabric unless it is lining.

Thank goodness my husband is not here to see this!!!!

Who Elise has a fabricholice obession????

The Kalle Shirt from Closet Case Patterns

Hi Everyone!

Let me start off by saying I never had any intention of making this shirt.  I love the patterns from Closet Case, but i dind’t think this style would suit my body type.

But it was the March item to make for the Stye Sew Me 2016 challenge.  I participated for the Sunny Dress in January, but didn’t do the coat in February as I knew I would not have the time.

I received the discount code for the Kalle Shirt, but still didn’t intend on purchasing the pattern.

Then I listened to the Love to Sew Podcast of “My Favorite Things” Http://

Helen from the show said that this shirt was one of her favorite things.  I thought hmm she is similar to my body type.  So I thought why not give it a try.




If you choose to do PDF, be aware it it 46 pages.  For me that is not a problem.  I usually tape my PDF patterns together on my lunch break.  Easy sewing thing to do!

It was supper easy to cut out, not the issue is what styles to decide.  There are many different options to choose from:


I was originally going to do view C, but decided to do the popover packet verses the standard placket.  I did add 1″ length to it as well.  due to all the ease, I didn’t feel it was necessary to do any other adjustments.  In the end, I did change it to the tunic as I thought that style suited me better.

I used this great cotton linen fabric from Fabric Mart.  I love the print.


The instructions were great and easy to understand.  I also found the Kalle dress sew along on Closet Case blog that was awesome and I actually followed that for the most part versus the instructions.

For the Yoke, the sew along blog was great.  The only complaint with the sew along blog is that at times it was difficult to tell which was right side and which was wrong side as they sometimes looked the same.  But if you look at the instructions you can easily tell.

This was pretty easy to sew up and I love the collar installation instructions on the blog, so easy!!

The fabric was also a dream to sew with, although it does tend to wrinkle easily.

Here is the finished top.  I did the box pleat and decided to add the front pocket.

Let me just say I love this.  I plan on wearing it all spring with leggings and flats, or I could do Capri leggings and sandals for summer.  I love how it feels and I like how it looks on me.

Pattern:  Kalle Dress from Closet Case Patterns

Size Cut:  14 at neck and arms, 16 at waist, and 18 at hips.

My size: 40 bust, 33 waist 44 to 45 hips on a given day.

Style used:  Tunic length with popover placket, box pleat and front pocket.

Pros’:  easy to do, instructions were great, lots of different fabrics that you can use to add a variety, looks great, can do a dress or short top as well.

Cons’:  I don’t really have none, although I am thinking about doing another one in a more blouse weight fabric that is more flowy.

Here are the final pics on me:

That’s it for now, until next time!!!

Simplicity 8511 Dress

Hi Everyone!

Well I finished my first goal of 2018!  At the top of my list was Simplicity 8511


I had decided to do view A.  To me working in an office, I thought the sleeves would work best for me.  I am sitting most of the day working with numbers, I know fun, right!


The fabric suggestions were:

Cotton Type, Crepe, Back Satin, Dupioni, Jacquards, lightweight Linen, or Taffeta.

I have recently ordered this great color CobaltBlue cotton yarn fabric from Fabric Mart.


I thought this dress would be so cute in the cobolt blue, with the sleeves and neckline being in the lighter turquoise color.  I really don’t know where the turquoise color fabric came from and I only had 1/2 yard of the turquoise.

Off to work!

Pattern Cutting:

I cut out a size 14 for my neck and graded to a 16 for waist and an 18 for hips.  This dress looked like it had more ease than it did: hint to self – next time check the final garment measurements instead of assuming.   So much to check.

I did lengthen the dress by 2″, I am 5’6″ tall and wanted it to come to my knee.  As you can see the darts are different then normal darts, but I really liked how these darts shaped my side bust area.  The back has a fish eye dart.

Surprisingly I did not have to do an FBA (Full Bust Adj), which I am currently running a D size right now.  I did do some flat pattern measurements and all seemed ok.


Fabric Cutting:

Well cutting out the fabric after washing, drying and ironing, I noticed that the fabric tended to wrinkle a lot.  So instead of lining the dress, I decided to take the lining and actually underling the dress.  I cut the same pieces out of the lining and sewed them to my fashion fabric at 3/8″ (simplicity uses 5/8″ seam allowances).  This made the lining and the fashion fabric act as one piece of fabric.

By doing that, it drastically cut out a lot of the wrinkling.

While cutting, I realized that I did not have enough fabric for the sleeve in either color.  So time to create my own sleeve band.

I drafted just a basic band for the sleeve instead of using the pattern sleeve (truthfully, I like mine better!, just saying).

I then pinned the dress together on my sized to me mannequin to make sure it would fit and look right with the new sleeve.

I like it, time to sew.


This was really simple to sew and came together fairly quickly.  The instructions were clear, except for the skirt vent.  I had to watch the wonderful Colleen G. Lea with FSBTV You Tube video on Sewing a Vent that she published in 2012.

It worked like a charm, thank you Colleen!!!!

The dress called for an invisible zipper and thanks to the Craftsy class “Mastering Construction: Zippers & Waistbands” with Sara Alm, I have finally found the best way to put zippers in.  I love putting in zippers.  She finally made video’s that explained everything.  She had you work with small samples and let me tell you, I find them so easy to put in now.  Thanks Sara!

Just a note, this is my own personal opinion, I did pay for the class.  I have about 65 classes, not watched them all.  I do have ones I don’t like, but this one was worth the money I paid in my opinion for me.  Her teaching on this best suited my style.

I did not line the dress since I underlined the dress.  To tight on the mannequin, I should have known then that there was an issue.  I did use my Serger for all the seam finishing.

I also stitched in the ditch for the collar and neckline.  I did not like the facing flapping all over and securing it at the shoulder seams did not help keep it down.  You can’t even tell with the stitch in the ditch method.


I love this dress and it is so my style, simple and easy.  But it is too tight in the hips.  Darn you Ben & Jerry Ice Cream!!!!!

But with my weight fluctuations, I know that will eventually get in this dress and when I do — watch out!!

I do like the front darts and I think they help shape the body nicely.

Don’t mind the little head at the bottom of some pictures, No that is not your imagination, that is my little one trying to see himself on the tablet too!!!!

In all, this dress will definitely be worn a lot when I am in that size range.  Good fit on shoulders, chest and neckline.  Since I did serge I cut off excess fabric so I can’t add more room in hips.

I hate making muslins and with my weight fluctuating so much, I really don’t feel the need to most of the time.

Well, until next time!



The Mimi G Diana Dress

I was not planning on doing this dress, but when I saw this dress (particularly the one with the purple belt) I fell in love with it.  It is describe as a fit and flare dress with a gathered skirt, side seam, and pockets.  I love pockets!!!


I had purchased this lovely Navy/Fire Red/Pine/Off White 100% Polyester from Fabric Mart as a Precut.  I received 4 yards of it.


The pattern called for at least 5 yards for my size.  But in viewing the pattern, it seems that the Obi belt pattern piece was quite large.  In viewing this, I figured that I could get away with making the dress using the 4 yards of the fabric I had.

Andddddd Yes, I was correct!!!!

However, when it came to the belt I did struggle with what to do.

The dress came together very easy and the directions were very clear.

I put in an invisible zipper and even sewed up the zipper sides so they matched the dress.


I did have to grade from a medium at neck and arm and grade out to a large.  I knew since it was a gathered skirt I could get away with the large around the hips versus the extra large.

It did not call for lining, but I went ahead and did an interlining of the same material for the bodice, as it seemed that the fabric was too thin for my liking.

I did all about 2 inches to the hem as I thought it would be too short for my liking.  I am 5’6″ and prefer my hem to come just above my knees.  I have a short waist and long torso, so this worked well for me.

It didn’t take that long to put together.


The sleeves were easy to put in and the finished dress looked great.

Now, onto the belt.  I don’t own many belts and what I do own tend to be my pre baby size of a medium.  I am not about an xl in RTW clothes.  So do I buy one???  Well I must admit, it is hard to get to the store with a 2 year old.

Do I order online, hmmmmm, well I would rather pick one out in person, plus the prices seem awfully high for a belt.

So the only option is to make on.  But I need to find a matching material. I had this olive green fabric that I have had in my stash for years now.  I believe it was 100% polyester and came from Joann’s on clearance.

So I cut it out just like how the fabric piece said to cut it out for the obi belt.  Well, lets just say the tie in front that looks so great on Mimi, does not look so great for me.  Now what?  SO I took a couple of bracelets and thought I could design something special.

Okay, even though the one with the bracelet (the one on the righ) was my favorite, I could figure out how to make it work.  The tie in the back didn’t look so great either.

So I made an actual obi belt with the same fabric I had.  I self drafted the belt, and cut it out with my main fabric and then did bias tape all the way around with the green fabric to accent it out.  I love it!!

Here are some picture of it on me, as you can see it really accents my waist and seems to be a good fit for me.

Well that’s it for now.  Next week I will be reviewing the Sunny Top I did for the Sew My Style January competition!



Sewing the Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top

Hi Everyone!!

Here in Michigan it has been so cloudy and dull lately.  January has always been a hard month for me.  I think it is for everyone.

It’s still dark in the morning, cloudy all day, cold, snowy, and dark early.   But brighter days are on their way!!

This is inspired me to pick this gorgeous green teal color to make my Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top.

I choose this top because of the high neckline.  I don’t know about you, but every time I buy a store bought top, they always come down so low that I have to wear a tank top or cami underneath.  Then even the tank top or cami tends to go low whenever I bend down.

With a two year old, you are always bending down, lol!!!

I actually love this top!  I didn’t make any changes.  I am pear so I did grade from a Medium at neckline and down to an xtra large at the hip area.

Being an ity knit, I was really worried about all the pleats in this top.

The ones on the side are a little messy because I forgot how to do a pleat, lol and had to redo.


There were 5 pleats on the side and 2 pleats on each side at the top.

The instructions were very clear and helped a lot.  I did use some knit fusible tape to help keep the facining intact and not flip out.

I love the high neckline and the length of the top.  I am 5’6″ with a long torso and wide hips.  I love the sleeve length and the color.  I find this top very flattering on myself.

I bought this ity knit from Frabic Mart.  I have already worn this top a couple of times and have had not issues of it stretching out.

I will definitely be making more of these tops in the future!!

Until next time.

Infinity Scarf

This Christmas I vowed to be more economical consoucious and am trying to make as many Christmas gifts as possible versus buying.

My two year old goes to daycare and there are 8 workers.  Last year I did a variety basket for the workers that consisted of bath salts, eye masks, cozy socks, chocolate, and etc.  But when all said and it was very costsly.  Now I appreciate them a lot as they watch my little one all day.  So I wanted something just as nice this year but a bit more personnel.

So why not infinity scarves????  I have 3 sisters, and 4 co-workers who we gift to.  So this idea is perfect.

They are so easy to make.  I ordered some sweater knits from Fabric Mart when they were on sale back in September.  Since then i have been working on the scarves.

The great thing is that 2 yards makes 2 scarves!!!

It’s so easy.  Unforantely, I have wrapped all of them up but one and I forgot to take pictures along the way.  But here are the steps:

  1.  Fold the fabric in half lengthwise
  2. Cut along the fold all the way down the 2 yards lengthwise
  3. Take the fabric apart and take one piece
  4. Fold the right sides together and sew all the way down the side
  5. Take one side and pull it into the fabric and pull to the other side.  Put your right sides together matching seams
  6. Sew all along leaving a 2 inch opening
  7. Turn it right side out
  8. Now slip stitch the opening
  9. You now have a scarf!!

Work Pants Completed!

Okay so I know that work pants are not exciting, but they are a necessity.  I have been having issues trying to get pants to fit.

Mostly because I keep changing sizes.  My little guy is now 2 and 1/2 and I have gone to a size 14 after having him (I was always an 8, wahhhhhh!!!).  Then lost the weight to a 12 and then to a 10 US size by last year.  But in the year, I have progressed back to a 14:(.

So making clothes have been difficult.

I made 2 pairs of jeans and by the time I got done, they were too small:(

Oh well, one day.

I have this gorgeous Lycra spandex polyester maroon from Frabic Mart that has the perfect stretch and feels great for pants.

I used a pattern I downloaded from Bootstrap patterns.  In all, they were almost a perfect fit.

I did have to adjust the front crotch line a little bit, but the fit with the material worked out great.

Here is the band line.  I like the wide ban line, and they have a side zipper so I didn’t have to worry about doing a fly front.

In all they were not too bad to put together.  The only issue is that I accidentally cut into the front crotch because I didn’t have enough fabric, so i had to fix with interfacing, but I don’t think you can tell, lol.  Hopefully!!!

Here is a completed version on my maniquin with my newly finished Mimi G Georgia top that I love!