Confessions of a Fabricholic

When do you realize that you have too much fabric?  When do you realize that this is where all your money has gone?  When do you realize that at your time allotment of sewing that it will take you 20 years to sew the fabric you have on hand?

But you want so much more!!!!!

My husband needs to get into my sewing space as we are getting our electrical re-wired in the house.  Since the fuse box is in my sewing room, I need to clean our my space to get the work done.

Therefore, I have had to move all my fabric off my 3 shelves.  I never knew I had that much fabric.

Now I cut swatches of each fabric that I buy and put how many yards, length and type. So it never seems like so much.  In fact I keep thinking I have no knits, but…….

here are my knits that I actually do have:


Wow  have plain and printed as shown below:


But that’s not it, i also have suiting pants:


And dressy fabric


Cotton and jeans, wool, jacket material


And so much more:


And so I have realized that I need to stop buying fabric.  I have so much that I need to focus on using up my stash.  I have made a goal that after Mother’s Day, lol, I will not buy anymore fabric unless it is lining.

Thank goodness my husband is not here to see this!!!!

Who Elise has a fabricholice obession????

Toddler Pirate of the Caribbean Coat

Hi Everyone!

This time I have actually done some unselfish sewing.  A few posts back, I had bought some fabric for my little guy to make some sleepers with.  Three of the fabrics were superhero’s, but one fabric in particular was Pirate of the Caribbean fabric.


This fabric was more like quilting fabric and said specifically not to be used for sleepwear.

I had some great idea’s, pillowcases, curtains, blanket, etc.  I know those would last longer, but I really wanted to do something that he could wear, like a spring coat. (Who knows what he will be into in the fall, lol) Kids!!

I looked everywhere for a coat pattern that I liked.  From Indie patterns to the Big 4 patterns.  I finally decided to settle upon McCall’s 7619.  Let me tell you, most patterns are for girls!!


I really liked view D and decided to make a size 4 for him.  As a reminder, my little guy will be 3 in April.  I seen that I would need some Ribbing and Lining.  For the Lining here, they recommended ‘Lining Fabric’ and also recommended thicker fabric for the main fabric.

Since my fabric was very thin, I decided to switch the two around.  I used the cotton Pirate print for the main fabric and a snuggle flannel print for the lining.  (I just used what I had on hand for this.  The flannel was supposed to be pajama pants for my husband, but oh well!!!).


I think it took an hour to cut out, as I was trying really hard to match all the seam lines with the corresponding prints.

The jacket itself only took 4 hours to make (2 nap times, one Saturday, one Sunday!).


It turned out just as I imagined.  I used black rib knit for the bands, cuffs, and collar.  I also used black thread for all top stitching.

Here you can see the flannel I used for the lining.


Here is the back of the coat.


Here is the band of the coat


Here is a close up of the pockets on the front of the coat.


Here is one of the side seams that did match up perfectly.  Not such great luck with some of the other seams.


In all, he loves it!!!  He was only able to wear it Monday, because here in Michigan we are dealing with snow again:(

But Spring is on the way.  I have about 2 more yards left and am now thinking about making a pair of shorts for him for the summer!

But, that will have to wait.  I am going to participate in the sew my style challenge for March and make the Kalle shirt/dress next from Closet Case Patterns.  I’ll do a post on that once I get that done.  Still deciding on what fabric I want to use from my stash!

Sewing the Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top

Hi Everyone!!

Here in Michigan it has been so cloudy and dull lately.  January has always been a hard month for me.  I think it is for everyone.

It’s still dark in the morning, cloudy all day, cold, snowy, and dark early.   But brighter days are on their way!!

This is inspired me to pick this gorgeous green teal color to make my Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top.

I choose this top because of the high neckline.  I don’t know about you, but every time I buy a store bought top, they always come down so low that I have to wear a tank top or cami underneath.  Then even the tank top or cami tends to go low whenever I bend down.

With a two year old, you are always bending down, lol!!!

I actually love this top!  I didn’t make any changes.  I am pear so I did grade from a Medium at neckline and down to an xtra large at the hip area.

Being an ity knit, I was really worried about all the pleats in this top.

The ones on the side are a little messy because I forgot how to do a pleat, lol and had to redo.


There were 5 pleats on the side and 2 pleats on each side at the top.

The instructions were very clear and helped a lot.  I did use some knit fusible tape to help keep the facining intact and not flip out.

I love the high neckline and the length of the top.  I am 5’6″ with a long torso and wide hips.  I love the sleeve length and the color.  I find this top very flattering on myself.

I bought this ity knit from Frabic Mart.  I have already worn this top a couple of times and have had not issues of it stretching out.

I will definitely be making more of these tops in the future!!

Until next time.

The Jessica Dress from Mimi G

Hi again!!

Well I made this dress up in December, but have not had time to post anything on it.

Can I just say that I love this dress.  I have already worn it 3 times!!


This is the Jessica Dress from Mimi G:


I know she has the bottom open in her picture, but as seen from the drawing, you can do buttons all the way down like I did.

Mimi also has a sewing tutorial on this on You Tube, which I used, but her instructions are so great that I didn’t really need the video.

I did everything via PDF.  I have a lunch hour to kill, so I usually don’t mind printing up PDF patterns and cutting and taping on my lunch.  (I live too far to drive home and back and trying to stay away from fast food, lol).

It didn’t take long to put this dress together.

The fabric was this great Black/Blueberry 100% Rayon Snakeskin Print Crep from Fabric Mart. I was a little thin, so I did underline the top with the same material for the bodice part.

I love the sweetheart neckline which I think is very flattering.  I also love the princess seams.

I had to gather the skirt by hand (per instructions), but I am seriously considering getting a gathering for my machine, does anyone know if that works better?

Or Clover has this Fuse ‘n Gather that is supposed to work well.  Has anyone tried this?  I might have to give it a go.  Right now Amazon has it for $12.39 and it’s Prime if you have that.  Looks like has 3 1/2 stars out of 5 so I am not sure.

Anyway, as usually I taped the PDF together and did flat comparison measurements to see if I needed any adjustments.  Surprisingly, I didn’t need any!!! Win-Win.

I did grade it.  I did about a medium for the upper bust and graded out to an XL for the hips.  But I like that since it is not so tight, I think I had some wiggle room.

This came together so easy.  However, when it came time for the hemming, the dress was longer than I wanted so I chopped off about 4 inches off the hem.

I think it turned out great and so comfortable to wear.  And yes, that is the Georgia turtleneck that I made as well.  Goes great to really show off the ruffles.

I like that it fits the body, but it is not super tight.  I also like the black belt that I put on the mannequin on the 1st picture, but the belt didn’t look so good on me.  The belt is a medium and I am about an XL right now.

On to the next make!!