What’s Going On???

Well not a whole lot of nothing is going on!!!  Life has gotten ahold of me and things have been so busy.  I came down with the flu and haven’t been doing too much.

Also my boss retired at work and we are still in transition (meaning, I got a bunch more work for no extra pay or rewar).  Thus meaning working through lunch instead of sewing 😦

But I have been thinking about sewing a lot, I mean a lot.

One perk is that depending upon the project I am working on, I can sometimes listen to some sewing podcasts or listen to my favorite you tube videos.  I can’t watch the you tube, but I listen.

Soooooo what have I been listening to, you ask??

Love to Sew Podcast: Lovetosewpodcast.com


This podcast is great!  It is Helen Wilkinson from Helen’s Closet (which I love my Blackwood Caridigan, and Caroline Somos.  I love this podcast.  I think I have listened to each one.  My favorite is when they talk about their sewing summer camp experience.  But I think I found a new favorite.  Mimi G.  They just interviewed Mimi G (who is great!).  If you haven’t heard it you need to check it out over at Love To Sew.

My favorite on You Tube right now: Thatsewingblab.com


That Sewing Blab hosted by Dawn from Duelling Designs and Myra who has instragram and blog at One Sew Sweet.  They just had their interview with Elizabeth from Elizabeth Makes This regarding the Day and Night Challenge.  I have watched almost all of their interviews.  I think my favorite so far has been Kenneth King!

What am I Reading? The last stitch.com


I am reading Sewing Activewar by Johanna Lu.  I got my copy off of Amazon.  She wrote this book herself and it is great.  If you work with knits, it is so helpful.  I believe I am about half way through the book and am finding it so helpful.  Johanna also has some great You Tube videos and was also recently on both Love to Sew Podcast and That Sewing Blab.

Whats up next?

Well I am trying to participate in the Sew My Style 2018.  I purchased that Kalle dress from Closet Case Patterns.  Taped the PDF pattern, made adjustments and cut it out.  That is as far as I got.

Hopefully nextweek I will have a better update for you!!

The Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s Closet

Can I just say that I am in love.  I have finally found my TNT (tried and true pattern)!!!

I have been sewing off and on since 2012 and I have yet to make a pattern twice.  Well I have made 3 of these!! Count it, 3 of them!


I had actually never heard of them, but came across a you tube video called ‘Nap Time Sewing: Make a Blackwood Caridigan with me’ by Suzanna Forythe.  I thought oh wow, she can do that in a nap time!!  Also I love cardigans.  Sign me up!!

I watch her video and found out how easy it was.

I downloaded the PDF file and taped it together during my lunch break, cut it out and sized it.

I made all with view B, the shorter version and without the pockets.  I love pockets, but usually don’t use them too much and I don’t want to draw too much attention down around my hip line.

I did extended version B down by 1″.  I also did a medium by neck and shoulders and graded to a xtra large by hips.  I have the lovely pear shaped figure.

Here I was working with this lovely sweater knit fabric from Fabric Mart.  I was putting the sleeves in the flat method and putting the shoulders together.

I know most people use elastic for stay tape.  But I found this wonderful tape by SewkeysE.  It is fusible and works wonderful!!

I was able to put each of these together during my son’s two hour nap.

Here is the first one that I done.  It is a nice Gray Ponte knit from Fabric Mart.  The Ponte was great to work with.

Here the sweater is on me.  It is so comfortable!

Here is the second one I made from the sweater knit.  I have already worn this one to work.  I love it!!

The next one I made (below) is from this black Scuba Knit that is from Fabric Mart.  I have worn this one as well!!

I have stopped making these for now, but who knows I might have to make a few more.

Sorry about the photos with me in them.  I am not used to taking photos of myself.

I am on a journey to become more comfortable with me.  I usually never let anyone take my photo.

But with sewing, I am so proud of myself and wanting to share what I made and what goes into making it with tips that I am learning to share myself.

I love reading other blogs.  They give me such inspiration and idea’s!!!