Confessions of a Fabricholic

When do you realize that you have too much fabric?  When do you realize that this is where all your money has gone?  When do you realize that at your time allotment of sewing that it will take you 20 years to sew the fabric you have on hand?

But you want so much more!!!!!

My husband needs to get into my sewing space as we are getting our electrical re-wired in the house.  Since the fuse box is in my sewing room, I need to clean our my space to get the work done.

Therefore, I have had to move all my fabric off my 3 shelves.  I never knew I had that much fabric.

Now I cut swatches of each fabric that I buy and put how many yards, length and type. So it never seems like so much.  In fact I keep thinking I have no knits, but…….

here are my knits that I actually do have:


Wow  have plain and printed as shown below:


But that’s not it, i also have suiting pants:


And dressy fabric


Cotton and jeans, wool, jacket material


And so much more:


And so I have realized that I need to stop buying fabric.  I have so much that I need to focus on using up my stash.  I have made a goal that after Mother’s Day, lol, I will not buy anymore fabric unless it is lining.

Thank goodness my husband is not here to see this!!!!

Who Elise has a fabricholice obession????