McCalls 7542 Top Review

Hi Everyone!

Sorry, I have been so busy lately with work, taking care of little one, appointments, and trying to sew.

I have finished what I believe is going to be my favorite Spring/Summer top of the season.

I have been eyeing this material at JoAnn’s Fabric Store from the Endless Sea Collection for a few months now, but being priced at I believe $16.99 a yard, I just couldn’t do it.  I needed the right sale to get me to buy it. I believe I got it for 40% off plus a 20% off coupon that spirialed me to purchase it.  I am glad I did as it is now gone and I am not sure if they are going to replenish it.

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it and I can’t find it one their website, but you will see it below.

I had to find the right pattern for it.  I seen on Inside the Hem (YouTube video), she had done a review of how she used the same fabric and I love the top.  Here is the link to the video if you want to see

She used the Seamwork top pattern, I liked it but I wanted something different, plus I wanted to use something from my stash!

On the hunt!!!

I found it, McCalls 7542:


I liked the bottom and thought it would work well with the material.  I also liked the sleeves in View A, I thought they were different from what we have been seeing lately.


Here you can get a better view of A.  I used the E top and added 3 inches to make it longer.  I also used the A sleeves.  I cut a 14 at top and graded out to 18 at hips.  I had to do a couple of tissue fittings to get it to work.  I have making muslims as I don’t have the time, so tissue fitting is the next best thing!


Here it is finished.  Don’t mind the dress form my favorite one was being used for something else.  As you can see, I also lowered the neckline into a soft V, as the one on the top seemed just a bit too high for Spring/Summer.  But I don’t like low cut necklines as with a 3 year old, I am always bending over and I like to have coverage.

I used a facing, but next time I think I am going to try to do a self draft facing and longer like I seen in the Suzy Furrer class on Craftsy called Patternmaking + Design Creative Darts & Seam Lines.



I just love the way the sleeves hang.  This material is a linen material.  It does wrinkle, but it is so flowy and comfortable.  It is also very cooling when it is warm.  Although next time I might underline it with a light cotton, as I have to wear a tank top underneath for coverage and that adds to the heat.


I love the length of it, it is just perfect.  I think I might lower the neckline just a little bit more though.


In all, not bad.  I even have enough material left over for a Ogden Cami by True Bias.

Okay, now I gotta do some sewing for my little one, a batman cape for both him and his cousin.

Until next time!

My Favorite Dress I Have Never Been Able to Wear – Tia Dress

Hi Everyone

Well my goal of writing a post a week has failed.  My little guy has been having some upper respiratory issues and suffering from tonsillitis as well as just having a 3rd birthday party during an ice storm!!!! Ahhhh, what more!!!  I guess that life, lol.

Needless to say there has been nooooo time for sewing.  Dreaming, yessss, sewing, nooooo!

So this is a review of a dress I believe I did in January 2017.

I took the Crafty class ‘Sewing Vintage The Flirty Day Dress With Laura Nash’.  The class walked you through step by step using the Tia Dress pattern that came with the class.


The pattern is what the dress looks like.  It is a retro 1950’s look dress, with puffed sleeves, princess seams in the front and a petticoat.


Here are other variations of the dress:


I through the class was really good.  Laura showed you all the vintage tools used back in the 50’s like battery operated scissors.  Unfortunately I don’t use anything vintage, I am a little spoiled with all the new gadgets.

I do have a 1950’s sewing machine I bought off of someone for $20 but have been too afraid to turn it on, not sure if it works or not.  One day.  For now, I love looking at it and it’s on display in my sewing room.


I don’t even wear vintage clothing.  I took this class more so to learn the construction techniques rather than the design itself of the dress.

I knew that if I made the original design of the pattern I would never wear the dress.

So I took to pintrest to come up with ways to hack the pattern.

In the end this is what I made:


So as you can see, I kept the concept but made it into something I would wear.

I found this blue taffeta a Joannn’s in January 2017.  I also had in my stash some black duponi and some black lining.  I seethed out my design first.  Looks like I lost that picture, darn technology……..

Well, you get the drift, I ended up with a sketch that looks like the picture above.

Laura did a great introduction and followed all the steps in order to construct the dress that I was able to hack the dress with no issues.


As you can see she used a vintage machine.  She also had samples in the background so you can get further inspiration.

She also showed you how to make a petticoat:


This was the first time I made a petticoat.

I thought this was a good course, again not a design I would originally make but something I could make into my favorite.

Changes Made:  I shorten the dress.  I also added my own belt, I omitted the pockets and sleeves.  I added bias binding to the sleeves and did black trim on the top and bottom of the dress.  I also shortened the contrast binding near the breasts so it wouldn’t be to large.  I also sewed the petticoat to the dress.  In the class the petticoat is separate.


Lol, I didn’t even realize my dog was in the pic!!


This si the petticoat sewed in if you couldn’t tell.  I sewed it to the waistline.


Here is the bust.  You can see the princess line on the bust and binding shortened.  Laura did a great job showing you how to do these cups perfectly.


Here is the bottom of the dress, I did keep it the bidining the same size as the top so they would match and keep in alignment.


Here is the back of the dress.  I did the back in black and lined the bodice in front and in back.  I wanted to add some contrast to the blue and make it dramatic.


Here is the side.  You can see that I did the shoulders in black too.  I also narrowed the shoulders just a bit as I have narrow shoulders.



This was my first hack to a pattern and I do’t think I could have done it without the class.

Pattern rating:  5 out of 5.  I felt the instructions were good, but have to admit I more followed the class rather than the instruction book.  I felt that the dress fit me good and the measurements matched.  I cut a size 12 at top and 14 for waist and hips.  There is a invisible side zipper (sorry no pics of that ).

Class rating:  5 out of 5.  I felt the class was well executed and Laura took her time and explained everything.  Even though I didn’t follow it to the T, she did a good enough job that I could hack the pattern.

So now you are wondering why it has never been worn????  Well, when I finished I had intended to wear it out on a date night with my husband.  That has never happened because our little one is so picky and doesn’t do well with babysitters.

we still are waiting for our date.  Maybe 3 is the lucky year when things change.  However, I am now a 14 on top and a size 16 to 18 in hips.  Hmmmm no such luck in getting it zipped up!!!  that’s life, up and down.

I am learning that knits may be the best for me, lol!!!!

Now I just need to master my darn cover stitch machine!

Okay, until next time!

Toddler Pirate of the Caribbean Coat

Hi Everyone!

This time I have actually done some unselfish sewing.  A few posts back, I had bought some fabric for my little guy to make some sleepers with.  Three of the fabrics were superhero’s, but one fabric in particular was Pirate of the Caribbean fabric.


This fabric was more like quilting fabric and said specifically not to be used for sleepwear.

I had some great idea’s, pillowcases, curtains, blanket, etc.  I know those would last longer, but I really wanted to do something that he could wear, like a spring coat. (Who knows what he will be into in the fall, lol) Kids!!

I looked everywhere for a coat pattern that I liked.  From Indie patterns to the Big 4 patterns.  I finally decided to settle upon McCall’s 7619.  Let me tell you, most patterns are for girls!!


I really liked view D and decided to make a size 4 for him.  As a reminder, my little guy will be 3 in April.  I seen that I would need some Ribbing and Lining.  For the Lining here, they recommended ‘Lining Fabric’ and also recommended thicker fabric for the main fabric.

Since my fabric was very thin, I decided to switch the two around.  I used the cotton Pirate print for the main fabric and a snuggle flannel print for the lining.  (I just used what I had on hand for this.  The flannel was supposed to be pajama pants for my husband, but oh well!!!).


I think it took an hour to cut out, as I was trying really hard to match all the seam lines with the corresponding prints.

The jacket itself only took 4 hours to make (2 nap times, one Saturday, one Sunday!).


It turned out just as I imagined.  I used black rib knit for the bands, cuffs, and collar.  I also used black thread for all top stitching.

Here you can see the flannel I used for the lining.


Here is the back of the coat.


Here is the band of the coat


Here is a close up of the pockets on the front of the coat.


Here is one of the side seams that did match up perfectly.  Not such great luck with some of the other seams.


In all, he loves it!!!  He was only able to wear it Monday, because here in Michigan we are dealing with snow again:(

But Spring is on the way.  I have about 2 more yards left and am now thinking about making a pair of shorts for him for the summer!

But, that will have to wait.  I am going to participate in the sew my style challenge for March and make the Kalle shirt/dress next from Closet Case Patterns.  I’ll do a post on that once I get that done.  Still deciding on what fabric I want to use from my stash!

Burda Island Placket Dress from BurdaStyle Academy Online

This week has been crazy!!! I have been so sick and useless just can’t do anything.  Needless to say it was a week of ice cream and popsicles as my chest was on fire with a nasty head cold.

Today is the first day that I actually have energy to write.

Soooooo with that said, my sewing room is a disaster!! I have so many projects started and my son that everything is all over the place.  This was before my son threw all his toys everywhere, lol.  NOW I can’t even walk in there!! Oh my!  But that’s life.


So I thought I would talk about my experience with a Burda University Class that I had paid for online at the Burda Style Academy website.

I purchased this sew along I believe in the Spring of 2017 from Burda University online.  I believe they were having a half off sale and I got it for $10.00.  This is under their on demand Sew along tab.


This course was taught by Meg Healy was 87 min. long.  The dress is a maxi dress that I tend to wear in the summer and the best part is that it has no zipper.

The class came with the downloaded pdf pattern and instructions.

I felt that Meg was really great.  She went through each step and didn’t miss a beat.  I must say that I did not struggle with any of the instructions (as sometimes I do on the Craftsy classes).

Meg went in order and explained everything.

I used a light sheer chiffon island print (thought would fit well with class, LOL I believe I got this fabric from JoAnn’s back in 2012 when I first started sewing.

I paired it with this lavender purple bemberg lining from JoAnns as well.

This dress turned out perfect!!!


I actually wore it quite a bit last summer.  Sorry no pic’s of me in it.

But I am really glad I took this course.

I purchased a few other sew alongs, but I haven’t started them yet.  I believe I have the bomber jacket and jean jacket.

So many project wishes, so little time!!!!!!!!!!

The Mimi G Diana Dress

I was not planning on doing this dress, but when I saw this dress (particularly the one with the purple belt) I fell in love with it.  It is describe as a fit and flare dress with a gathered skirt, side seam, and pockets.  I love pockets!!!


I had purchased this lovely Navy/Fire Red/Pine/Off White 100% Polyester from Fabric Mart as a Precut.  I received 4 yards of it.


The pattern called for at least 5 yards for my size.  But in viewing the pattern, it seems that the Obi belt pattern piece was quite large.  In viewing this, I figured that I could get away with making the dress using the 4 yards of the fabric I had.

Andddddd Yes, I was correct!!!!

However, when it came to the belt I did struggle with what to do.

The dress came together very easy and the directions were very clear.

I put in an invisible zipper and even sewed up the zipper sides so they matched the dress.


I did have to grade from a medium at neck and arm and grade out to a large.  I knew since it was a gathered skirt I could get away with the large around the hips versus the extra large.

It did not call for lining, but I went ahead and did an interlining of the same material for the bodice, as it seemed that the fabric was too thin for my liking.

I did all about 2 inches to the hem as I thought it would be too short for my liking.  I am 5’6″ and prefer my hem to come just above my knees.  I have a short waist and long torso, so this worked well for me.

It didn’t take that long to put together.


The sleeves were easy to put in and the finished dress looked great.

Now, onto the belt.  I don’t own many belts and what I do own tend to be my pre baby size of a medium.  I am not about an xl in RTW clothes.  So do I buy one???  Well I must admit, it is hard to get to the store with a 2 year old.

Do I order online, hmmmmm, well I would rather pick one out in person, plus the prices seem awfully high for a belt.

So the only option is to make on.  But I need to find a matching material. I had this olive green fabric that I have had in my stash for years now.  I believe it was 100% polyester and came from Joann’s on clearance.

So I cut it out just like how the fabric piece said to cut it out for the obi belt.  Well, lets just say the tie in front that looks so great on Mimi, does not look so great for me.  Now what?  SO I took a couple of bracelets and thought I could design something special.

Okay, even though the one with the bracelet (the one on the righ) was my favorite, I could figure out how to make it work.  The tie in the back didn’t look so great either.

So I made an actual obi belt with the same fabric I had.  I self drafted the belt, and cut it out with my main fabric and then did bias tape all the way around with the green fabric to accent it out.  I love it!!

Here are some picture of it on me, as you can see it really accents my waist and seems to be a good fit for me.

Well that’s it for now.  Next week I will be reviewing the Sunny Top I did for the Sew My Style January competition!