Toddler Pirate of the Caribbean Coat

Hi Everyone!

This time I have actually done some unselfish sewing.  A few posts back, I had bought some fabric for my little guy to make some sleepers with.  Three of the fabrics were superhero’s, but one fabric in particular was Pirate of the Caribbean fabric.


This fabric was more like quilting fabric and said specifically not to be used for sleepwear.

I had some great idea’s, pillowcases, curtains, blanket, etc.  I know those would last longer, but I really wanted to do something that he could wear, like a spring coat. (Who knows what he will be into in the fall, lol) Kids!!

I looked everywhere for a coat pattern that I liked.  From Indie patterns to the Big 4 patterns.  I finally decided to settle upon McCall’s 7619.  Let me tell you, most patterns are for girls!!


I really liked view D and decided to make a size 4 for him.  As a reminder, my little guy will be 3 in April.  I seen that I would need some Ribbing and Lining.  For the Lining here, they recommended ‘Lining Fabric’ and also recommended thicker fabric for the main fabric.

Since my fabric was very thin, I decided to switch the two around.  I used the cotton Pirate print for the main fabric and a snuggle flannel print for the lining.  (I just used what I had on hand for this.  The flannel was supposed to be pajama pants for my husband, but oh well!!!).


I think it took an hour to cut out, as I was trying really hard to match all the seam lines with the corresponding prints.

The jacket itself only took 4 hours to make (2 nap times, one Saturday, one Sunday!).


It turned out just as I imagined.  I used black rib knit for the bands, cuffs, and collar.  I also used black thread for all top stitching.

Here you can see the flannel I used for the lining.


Here is the back of the coat.


Here is the band of the coat


Here is a close up of the pockets on the front of the coat.


Here is one of the side seams that did match up perfectly.  Not such great luck with some of the other seams.


In all, he loves it!!!  He was only able to wear it Monday, because here in Michigan we are dealing with snow again:(

But Spring is on the way.  I have about 2 more yards left and am now thinking about making a pair of shorts for him for the summer!

But, that will have to wait.  I am going to participate in the sew my style challenge for March and make the Kalle shirt/dress next from Closet Case Patterns.  I’ll do a post on that once I get that done.  Still deciding on what fabric I want to use from my stash!