My Favorite Dress I Have Never Been Able to Wear – Tia Dress

Hi Everyone

Well my goal of writing a post a week has failed.  My little guy has been having some upper respiratory issues and suffering from tonsillitis as well as just having a 3rd birthday party during an ice storm!!!! Ahhhh, what more!!!  I guess that life, lol.

Needless to say there has been nooooo time for sewing.  Dreaming, yessss, sewing, nooooo!

So this is a review of a dress I believe I did in January 2017.

I took the Crafty class ‘Sewing Vintage The Flirty Day Dress With Laura Nash’.  The class walked you through step by step using the Tia Dress pattern that came with the class.


The pattern is what the dress looks like.  It is a retro 1950’s look dress, with puffed sleeves, princess seams in the front and a petticoat.


Here are other variations of the dress:


I through the class was really good.  Laura showed you all the vintage tools used back in the 50’s like battery operated scissors.  Unfortunately I don’t use anything vintage, I am a little spoiled with all the new gadgets.

I do have a 1950’s sewing machine I bought off of someone for $20 but have been too afraid to turn it on, not sure if it works or not.  One day.  For now, I love looking at it and it’s on display in my sewing room.


I don’t even wear vintage clothing.  I took this class more so to learn the construction techniques rather than the design itself of the dress.

I knew that if I made the original design of the pattern I would never wear the dress.

So I took to pintrest to come up with ways to hack the pattern.

In the end this is what I made:


So as you can see, I kept the concept but made it into something I would wear.

I found this blue taffeta a Joannn’s in January 2017.  I also had in my stash some black duponi and some black lining.  I seethed out my design first.  Looks like I lost that picture, darn technology……..

Well, you get the drift, I ended up with a sketch that looks like the picture above.

Laura did a great introduction and followed all the steps in order to construct the dress that I was able to hack the dress with no issues.


As you can see she used a vintage machine.  She also had samples in the background so you can get further inspiration.

She also showed you how to make a petticoat:


This was the first time I made a petticoat.

I thought this was a good course, again not a design I would originally make but something I could make into my favorite.

Changes Made:  I shorten the dress.  I also added my own belt, I omitted the pockets and sleeves.  I added bias binding to the sleeves and did black trim on the top and bottom of the dress.  I also shortened the contrast binding near the breasts so it wouldn’t be to large.  I also sewed the petticoat to the dress.  In the class the petticoat is separate.


Lol, I didn’t even realize my dog was in the pic!!


This si the petticoat sewed in if you couldn’t tell.  I sewed it to the waistline.


Here is the bust.  You can see the princess line on the bust and binding shortened.  Laura did a great job showing you how to do these cups perfectly.


Here is the bottom of the dress, I did keep it the bidining the same size as the top so they would match and keep in alignment.


Here is the back of the dress.  I did the back in black and lined the bodice in front and in back.  I wanted to add some contrast to the blue and make it dramatic.


Here is the side.  You can see that I did the shoulders in black too.  I also narrowed the shoulders just a bit as I have narrow shoulders.



This was my first hack to a pattern and I do’t think I could have done it without the class.

Pattern rating:  5 out of 5.  I felt the instructions were good, but have to admit I more followed the class rather than the instruction book.  I felt that the dress fit me good and the measurements matched.  I cut a size 12 at top and 14 for waist and hips.  There is a invisible side zipper (sorry no pics of that ).

Class rating:  5 out of 5.  I felt the class was well executed and Laura took her time and explained everything.  Even though I didn’t follow it to the T, she did a good enough job that I could hack the pattern.

So now you are wondering why it has never been worn????  Well, when I finished I had intended to wear it out on a date night with my husband.  That has never happened because our little one is so picky and doesn’t do well with babysitters.

we still are waiting for our date.  Maybe 3 is the lucky year when things change.  However, I am now a 14 on top and a size 16 to 18 in hips.  Hmmmm no such luck in getting it zipped up!!!  that’s life, up and down.

I am learning that knits may be the best for me, lol!!!!

Now I just need to master my darn cover stitch machine!

Okay, until next time!