McCalls 7542 Top Review

Hi Everyone!

Sorry, I have been so busy lately with work, taking care of little one, appointments, and trying to sew.

I have finished what I believe is going to be my favorite Spring/Summer top of the season.

I have been eyeing this material at JoAnn’s Fabric Store from the Endless Sea Collection for a few months now, but being priced at I believe $16.99 a yard, I just couldn’t do it.  I needed the right sale to get me to buy it. I believe I got it for 40% off plus a 20% off coupon that spirialed me to purchase it.  I am glad I did as it is now gone and I am not sure if they are going to replenish it.

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it and I can’t find it one their website, but you will see it below.

I had to find the right pattern for it.  I seen on Inside the Hem (YouTube video), she had done a review of how she used the same fabric and I love the top.  Here is the link to the video if you want to see

She used the Seamwork top pattern, I liked it but I wanted something different, plus I wanted to use something from my stash!

On the hunt!!!

I found it, McCalls 7542:


I liked the bottom and thought it would work well with the material.  I also liked the sleeves in View A, I thought they were different from what we have been seeing lately.


Here you can get a better view of A.  I used the E top and added 3 inches to make it longer.  I also used the A sleeves.  I cut a 14 at top and graded out to 18 at hips.  I had to do a couple of tissue fittings to get it to work.  I have making muslims as I don’t have the time, so tissue fitting is the next best thing!


Here it is finished.  Don’t mind the dress form my favorite one was being used for something else.  As you can see, I also lowered the neckline into a soft V, as the one on the top seemed just a bit too high for Spring/Summer.  But I don’t like low cut necklines as with a 3 year old, I am always bending over and I like to have coverage.

I used a facing, but next time I think I am going to try to do a self draft facing and longer like I seen in the Suzy Furrer class on Craftsy called Patternmaking + Design Creative Darts & Seam Lines.



I just love the way the sleeves hang.  This material is a linen material.  It does wrinkle, but it is so flowy and comfortable.  It is also very cooling when it is warm.  Although next time I might underline it with a light cotton, as I have to wear a tank top underneath for coverage and that adds to the heat.


I love the length of it, it is just perfect.  I think I might lower the neckline just a little bit more though.


In all, not bad.  I even have enough material left over for a Ogden Cami by True Bias.

Okay, now I gotta do some sewing for my little one, a batman cape for both him and his cousin.

Until next time!