The 10-20-30 Mintues to Sew with Nancy Zieman Book Review

Hi Everyone!

I was looking online for finding faster ways to sew in my little allotted time frames and came across this book on Amazon.

Since it was published in 1992, it was only $1.99 used.  It came to me pretty quick and let me tell you, I do think it has a lot of good useful tips!


It’s hardcover and the pages are nice and thick with lots of pictures and examples.  I couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

I must say I really like the Contents pages.

They have everything listed in categories and under each subject they have the topic and about how long each one will take.  For instance, under “Streamlined Sleeves”, they have the “Easiest Sleeve Easing” is 10 Minutes.  So if I am trying to insert a sleeve that needs easing, I know that I could do this in a 10 minute time frame.  That’s awesome, if I just set aside 10 minutes I could ease a sleeve in that time!


I really liked the tips on the sides of the pages.  A lot of the pages have a “Note from Nancy” that gives you a tip such as use wax paper and felt tip pens for altering patterns.  My favorite is that on most pages, Nancy gives you a “Timesaving Notion” tip.


Here Nancy gives quick tips on hot to do a Peter Pan Collar in 20 minutes, again with the note and timesaving notion. I like how everything is broken up into minutes.  This really helps you better organize your sewing time.


For instance, again you can see how you can sew a mistake proof center zipper in just 20 minutes.


Here is a great example how Nancy even goes into helping you with your preparation steps.  She also has a section on your Serger and working with knits!



Nancy also has a section on Sewing Feet and on patterns and helping you pick the right size for beginners.


In all, I find this book very valuable.  Does it address everything??? Well no, it would be huge.  It is small, but it does give you a lot of great ideas of how to break up your sewing into smaller segments, so  you can find more time to sew.

This book was just what I needed, what a great tool for my library!

I hope you enjoy it too!