The Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s Closet

Can I just say that I am in love.  I have finally found my TNT (tried and true pattern)!!!

I have been sewing off and on since 2012 and I have yet to make a pattern twice.  Well I have made 3 of these!! Count it, 3 of them!


I had actually never heard of them, but came across a you tube video called ‘Nap Time Sewing: Make a Blackwood Caridigan with me’ by Suzanna Forythe.  I thought oh wow, she can do that in a nap time!!  Also I love cardigans.  Sign me up!!

I watch her video and found out how easy it was.

I downloaded the PDF file and taped it together during my lunch break, cut it out and sized it.

I made all with view B, the shorter version and without the pockets.  I love pockets, but usually don’t use them too much and I don’t want to draw too much attention down around my hip line.

I did extended version B down by 1″.  I also did a medium by neck and shoulders and graded to a xtra large by hips.  I have the lovely pear shaped figure.

Here I was working with this lovely sweater knit fabric from Fabric Mart.  I was putting the sleeves in the flat method and putting the shoulders together.

I know most people use elastic for stay tape.  But I found this wonderful tape by SewkeysE.  It is fusible and works wonderful!!

I was able to put each of these together during my son’s two hour nap.

Here is the first one that I done.  It is a nice Gray Ponte knit from Fabric Mart.  The Ponte was great to work with.

Here the sweater is on me.  It is so comfortable!

Here is the second one I made from the sweater knit.  I have already worn this one to work.  I love it!!

The next one I made (below) is from this black Scuba Knit that is from Fabric Mart.  I have worn this one as well!!

I have stopped making these for now, but who knows I might have to make a few more.

Sorry about the photos with me in them.  I am not used to taking photos of myself.

I am on a journey to become more comfortable with me.  I usually never let anyone take my photo.

But with sewing, I am so proud of myself and wanting to share what I made and what goes into making it with tips that I am learning to share myself.

I love reading other blogs.  They give me such inspiration and idea’s!!!